Our CEO’s Story

Hello, I’m Grant. I founded Best Practice People to help the very people I once was. At school I didn’t fit in. I had ADHD and struggled with Authority. But I was always intelligent and always wanted to work hard. However, back in those days you either conformed or was sent to a ‘unit’ and forgotten about. So I left school at 14 with no qualifications and little understanding of the employment market.

I applied for every job going and was lucky to be employed by an Airline as an office junior. It wasn’t a fun job but I worked hard and soon became known as the fastest photocopier in history. I worked my way up quickly and traveled Europe buying parts for planes. Then the company went bust! Hopefully not because I was paying too much for the parts.

I went on to have a great career in technical sales for a construction company and at the age of 28, I decided I needed a job that offered more life changing opportunities. I left my employer and took a 70% pay cut for a job as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. Needless to say I was the oldest trainee in the company. I loved this job, I was helping people find work and being paid really good commission. In two years I was a Director of the company and helped it grow from £2m to £16m turnover. Having became a self confessed expert in finding people employment I decided to focus on helping those that needed more than just a recruiter.

My first contract for the government was to help unemployed executives (over 50). Those people who are ‘past it’ in some employers eyes. I developed a training course and recruited a team of 100 trainers. I don’t know the exact figures but I reckon we helped over ten 10,000 people in just eighteen months. It was a great experience and I worked with some great people.

Bored yet?

No, OK I’ll continue. After helping the ‘oldies’, I got the taste for helping unemployed individuals and in 2011 focused on this fully. In the last four years I estimate to have helped over seven thousand unemployed individuals, through giving them qualifications and the confidence to change their lives. On top of this I worked with people who were in jobs and had poor English & Maths. Fifteen hundred of those now have qualifications they are proud of. But I didn’t do all of this on my own of course, again I had an amazing team behind me and couldn’t have done this without them.

Now in 2016, I want to focus on helping young people who, like me, might not have left education with the qualifications, knowledge and confidence to find a good job in today’s job market through the delivery of high quality and high impact Traineeships.

To be continued…