Mission Statement:

To improve our Learners’ employment opportunities through the delivery of high quality, high impact training coupled with a strategy to move every learner to a better destination.

What we do

Best Practice People work closely with Learners (You) Employers, Colleges, and Job centres to deliver world class vocational, employability and enterprise qualifications. Our goals are wholly outcome based. Every element of what we do is focused fully on securing better paid and sustainable employment for every individual we interact with.

Everything we do is free to our Learners, from achieving qualifications to having the bus fares to attend training. We offer a Learner Destination Strategy ensuring every learner has the highest possible number of job opportunities.

Our core offering is to support the unemployed in to work, and keep them there. We work with people of all ages providing training with award vocational qualifications.

All of our focus is mapped to the local area and the jobs available. So you’ll find training in sectors where there is either a skills gap or an abundance of jobs, such as; Travel & Tourism, IT, Retail, Warehousing, Hospitality, Business, Enterprise and many more qualifications in areas with the right employment opportunities.