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Here are a few videos that you should watch to get up to speed with each part of the course. From enrolment to your final course of choice.

Introduction to Skills4Careers™

Watch this video as an introduction to the Skills4Careers™ course. It will outline the details you need to decide if it is right for you.


Here is an explanation to the whole main course and what it consists of. From the work load to the qualifications you can achieve.

How it works and what you get

Hear about peoples experiences of the Skills4Careers™ course and what they think of the process.

Reviews of Skills4Careers™

This video will explain the Reed course and qualification that you will receive after completing our Skills4Careers™ course.

The Reed Courses
Eligibility Checker

This video will explain the Eligibility criteria you need to meet to join the Skills4Careers™ course.

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