Why are the courses free?

We are fully funded by the Education & Skills Funding Agency, part of the Department of Education. We deliver activities and services as part of government funded initiatives to up-skill both, employed and unemployed participants to support the local, regional and national economy.


What about the work-related course?

Once you have completed this programme you will select a course of your choice from the Reed Training Website. Feel free to start looking before or during the course. You have a maximum budget of £75. Beware, some courses are cheap to buy but have additional costs at the end, which we do not cover.


Once you let us know which course you want to do we will purchase this for you. Completely free. This is usually done the same day, but we ask for 72 hours in case we are very busy or have people on leave.


You complete the course work-related course at your own pace.


When will I receive my travel expenses?

Please keep a receipt for your travel expenses to show to the tutor who will reimburse you according to your needs. This can be daily, or a single payment at the end of the course.


  • Taxi’s are not permitted except in special circumstances and agreed up front

  • Parking can be claimed

  • Mileage can be claimed at 20p per mile


Are the short qualifications certified?

Yes, we work with an award-winning training body called Ascentis who also ensure a rapid turnaround of qualification certificates.


What if I don't have any ID?

No worries, if you are a UK citizen, we will be able to order you a new birth certificate but you will need to let the course leader know as soon as possible. This will probably delay your start due to our having to wait for the birth certificate – so it is better to get some ID now if possible


When will I get my results?

During the course you will complete online multiple-choice tests and see the results immediately.

You will receive your certificates in the post within two to three weeks of the end of the course.

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