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We will be running our own opportunity for you to gain workplace experience while also having a wage paid for. We will take on up to 30 new recruits.

There will be an opportunity to work in a specific section from graphic design and social media, to admin and reception.

Best Practice People Kickstart Intermediary

We are an appointed intermediary for the government funded Kickstart Scheme. We can provide the bases, for other small companies that cannot meet the minimum of 30 new recruits, to take on new members of staff under the government funded Kickstart scheme.

The government will pay for a 25 hour week at the national minimum wage for 18-24 year olds. It will be available for up to 6 months.

Keep an eye on this page to see when more information is released about this fantastic opportunity.

Here you can download the Kickstart Scheme Welcome Pack.

Skills4YoungPeople™ Kickstart Programme

Need some training to gain your choice of kickstart position? We provide courses to train you up to a qualified level to help improve your chances with securing a job.

Our Skills4YoungPeople™ programme will help you along with great careers advice and progress towards your chosen kickstart position.

Apply as an Employer
Do all of your Kickstart Scheme job placements meet the criteria?
The kickstart job placements must be:

Can you provide employability support to young people?

Young people need support so that they are in a better position to find work in the future.

By creating a Kickstart Scheme job placement you are helping young people who are at risk of being unemployed in the long term.


The Kickstart Scheme job should help them get basic work skills. This includes:

  • attendance

  • timekeeping

  • teamwork

  • communication

  • travelling to work


Kickstart participants may also need help with:

  • CV and interviews

  • looking for long term work

  • You need to offer support so they are employable by you or other organisations. You can also work with other organisations to provide this employability support on your behalf.



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