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We specialise in supporting people to improve their employment opportunities. We do this by providing enjoyable, relaxed training programmes that offer several benefits. Whether you are looking to gain new skills, retrain, build confidence, improve well being, or achieve qualifications that improve your CV and job applications, our training programmes deliver just that. 

Everything we do is free to our customers. We never charge for any of our services and receive all of our income via our delivery partners, including colleges, local authority and large training providers.

Our Programmes

Adult Education Course


Our Flagship Skills4Careers™ Training Programme has supported over five thousand individuals to date. It is specifically designed for unemployed individuals seeking to improve their confidence levels and boost CV’s and job applications. The course delivers a ‘shot in the arm’ to participants who leave reenergised with a more positive outlook on their chances of securing employment. 92% of people cite improved confidence.

Pouring Beer


Our Skills4Pubs™ Training Programme is designed for employers and employees within the hospitality sector. We provide everything required for the individual to apply for their personal licence, giving the landlord added flexibility whilst increasing the knowledge base of the workforce.


This programme supports both unemployed benefits claimants and individuals in work on a low wage.

Broken Trunk


Here at Best Practice People, we believe that wanting to pursue a career within the green economy begins with an understanding of how our behaviours are impacting the environment, and what can be done to prevent it.

Computer Programming


Techstart™ is aimed at getting people into the IT and Digital sector.  We work with low skilled people and take them from entry level 3 to level 3, generally accepted as the minimum level to secure entry level positions within the digital employment sector. 

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Working From Home


We offer a range of courses that can be taken from the comfort of your own home. 

The topics of these courses range from mental health and child behaviour to event planning and exercise studies - all of which being either Level 1 or 2. There's something for everyone so feel free to check out our list of courses and register your interest!

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