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Everyone completing a course can choose to progress to study an on-line course in any subject of their choice... from accounting, to childcare, to beauty, to the trades, to zoology.

We provide fully funded training courses that will cost you nothing. We work with unemployed individuals and low paid workers in partnership with large FE Colleges, local authorities, and large training providers.


Our courses are designed to boost your employment opportunities and confidence by offering classroom and home based courses.

We can boast qualification achievement rates of 98% and all of our courses are short, to support you quickly. We also provide comprehensive careers information, advice, and guidance to all of our learners.

Eligibility criteria applies. Sign up now, and we will tell you how we can best help you achieve your goals.

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Who do we help?

We are given funding to support a range of people. Everything we do is free and can be accessed locally, or via distance learning. We understand the challenges faced by different people in different situations. Young people are challenged by a lack of opportunity, and work skills. Over 50's have a separate set of barriers, being over qualified or lacking up to date digital skills. Similarly for people from minority groups and people with disabilities, both facing challenges of their own.

We develop tailored information, advice and guidance for each group of people we work with to overcome barriers and secure decent gainful employment.

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I really enjoyed the personal license course. It is made to be so accessible for everyone. It is very professional and the teaching style made it easy to understand new things! 10/10 recommend for anyone looking to get their personal license!


Amanda was amazing. She made learning interesting by backing up the information with anecdotes relevant to the course.


Michael was an absolute delight - he is witty, engaging and encouraging. He handled the class well - even though sometimes he might have felt it was like herding cats! He is welcoming, empowering and is passionate about his role of tutor. I feel privileged and blessed to have had his direction


I came here on the first day feeling scared as I have not done any courses in 35 years. However, I can say I am so proud of myself. I really enjoyed myself and made new friends too.


Course was great and the tutor was engaging and helpful. They made us feel at ease and calm whilst teaching us what we needed to know.
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