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Our Skills4Careers training programme has supported over 10,000 individuals to improve their confidence and secure good jobs. Participants study predominantly at home using our state of the art online learning portal, supported at all times by our Learner Support Team, and a designated qualified tutor.

The aim is to achieve multiple qualifications over a short period of time. Once achieved, these qualifications provide a significant boost to your CV and job applications.

We strongly recommend the creation of an Internet Intelligent CV, proven to improve ratios of interviews from job applications.

Qualifications are achieved through sitting short multiple choice exams that only take around ten minutes each. Exams must be supervised and therefore attendance to a local training centre is required.

Those with a PC/Laptop (with a camera), a smartphone, and a bit of technical know-how can take exams at home using specialist exam software.

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Health & Well Being Cluster

  • Award in Personal Health and Well-Being

  • Award in Personal Safety

  • Award in Healthy Living


Environmental Cluster

  • Award in Environmental Sustainability

  • Award in Preventing Plastic Pollution

  • Award in Carbon Awareness & Energy Management


Equality Cluster

  • Award in Equality and Diversity

  • Award in Introduction to British Values

  • Award in Citizenship

  • Award in Understanding an Inclusive Environment


Employment Cluster

  • Award in Understanding Employment, Business and Enterprise

  • Award in Understanding Safeguarding for Work, Education and Life

  • Award in Awareness of Social Media and Online Safety

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