About Us

Our mission:

To improve employment opportunities through the delivery of high quality, high impact skills training, coupled with a strategy to move every learner to a better destination

Best Practice People provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless individuals learn, develop and grow. We pride ourselves on producing innovative training programmes that support our learners in achieving their goals. We are passionate about securing outcomes whether that be employment, apprenticeships, traineeships or further education. Or, for those in work - better paid jobs.

What’s our secret to employment outcomes?

We are passionate about securing employment for our learners. We invented the Internet Intelligent CV™ to significantly enhance the learners chances of being selected for interviews and employment. The CV is designed in such a way to work intelligently on internet-based recruitment sites, such as Reed & Monster, and also to function as an ‘attention grabber’ when placed in front of employers. Learners with an Internet Intelligent CV are 60% more likely to be selected for interview.

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Professor with Students
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